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Plant Growth Regulator

Commonly referred as PGR, Plant Growth Regulator is basically the man made chemical which is applied via spraying to control plant hormones and to promote seed germination. It includes cytokinin, ginbberellin, auxin and ethylene to name a few. Accessible in fine powder and liquid forms, PGR promotes elongation of plant cells to quicken plant growth. Besides promoting flowering in plant, this synthetic chemical has a vital role in controlling water stress of vegetation, in ripening fruits and in quickening cell division process.


  • Plant Growth Regulator includes auxin, abscisic acid and cytokinin to name a few.
  • It can be obtained in liquid and powder forms.
  • Eco friendly content
  • Long storage life
6-Benzylaminopurine 6-Ba
6-Benzylaminopurine 6-Ba
6-Benzylaminopurine 6-Ba is a type of synthetic plant growth agent known as cytokinin which also aids in stimulating fruit richness. It works by inhibiting respiratory kinase that results in the increase of post harvest life of green vegetables. To enhance properties of crops it initiates cell division and elicits development responses. This chemical appears as white to off-white powder with the molecular weight of 225.26 g/mol.
Liquid Chelated Ferrum
Liquid Chelated Ferrum
Liquid Chelated Ferrum is applied as a spray on the agricultural field to prevent iron deficiency in fruits & vegetables. It can be used on flowers, citrus & shade trees, shrubs, potted plants, and shrubs. This chemical aids in chlorophyll & enzyme production, metabolism, development, and nitrogen fixation. It is a water soluble iron complex formulated to prevent causes of iron chlorosis including high pH, high phosphorus content, and excessive moisture.