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Humic Acids

Available in black granular form, Humic Acid is a powerful soil conditioner that improves soil structure. Besides promoting immunity functions of plants, this lignite procured acid is effective in enhancing nutrient absorption level of plants. The application of this chemical enhances growth of various microorganisms that are essential for the fertility of soil. Apart from raising buffering capacity, Humic Acid is instrumental in neutralizing ph level of cultivation land. The salts obtained from this acid are utilized to formulate sodium humate.

  • The offered chemical is free from toxin elements and it acts as a suitable chelating agent for soil.
  • It is considered as the environment friendly version of potassium based fertilizer.
  • Useful for promoting root growth of plants
  • Effective in improving photosynthesis level of plants
Leonardite Humic Acid
Leonardite Humic Acid
Leonardite Humic Acid is used as a soil conditioner, remediation agent for polluted soils, and also as a drilling agent. Appears as a soft waxy, brown or black shiny material, it is directly applied to agricultural land and has the capability to rapidly accelerate microbial activity resulting in retention of carbon in the soil. Produced by the oxidation of lignite, this acid is also used as a stabilizer for ion exchange resins in water treatment.