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Feed Nutrients

The offered range of Feed Nutrients for dairy animals is effective in meeting nutritional requirements of cows. These nutrients are enriched with vitamins, calcium and minerals like magnesium and phosphorous. The advanced formulation of these supplements is effective in improving resistance power of cattle against bacteria, rot and moisture. Besides promoting growth and reproduction of dairy animals, these Feed Nutrients are beneficial for raising lactation in cattle. Apart from increasing fatty acid content in milk, these feed supplements are instrumental in minimizing cell count of somatic cells.


  • The provided range of nutrients has key role in ensuring overall growth of cattle.
  • These not only raise lactation rate, but also improve milk quality by raising fat content of milk.
  • Powerful content
  • Useful for boosting immunity of dairy animals
Dairy Cattle Feed Supplement
Dairy Cattle Feed Supplement
Dairy Cattle Feed Supplement is utilized as an external source for vitamin, nutrient, and minerals. It is added in the food items given to cattle to meet all the daily necessary requirements. This supplement not only provides essential elements but also enhances the ability to fight diseases and milk production. It is available in tablet, pallet, & powder form and is generally mixed with the feed.
Yeast Protein Powder For Cattle
Yeast Protein Powder For Cattle
Yeast Protein Powder For Cattle is a gray or yellowish brown free flowing powder which is known to have high amounts of protein content, vitamin B, and traces of metabolic enzymes. Derived from single cell fungus, it is given to cattle by mixing in their feed to meet daily nutritional requirements for high productivity, enhanced immunity, improved digestion, and proper metabolism. This powder is also suitable for pigs, chickens, fish, and ducks.